IFMS Days 2017 - Slovenia

At 31st IFMS Congress in Innsbruck in September 2016, Slovenian delegation was offering organization of the IFMS Days 2017. more...

NEW INFO - 2017 the 32th Congress

9 may 2017 UPDATE

Location: 1000 Island Harbor Hotel, Clayton New York
Good morning from the land of the free and the home of the brave! I would like to remind everyone that your RSVP for IFMS 32 is requested by 1 June 2017. I hope to see you all in attendance.

Climb to Glory, Jim. more...

15th Memorial and 13th day of brotherhood Italian/Spanish

The day 1 April, the Secretary General of the I.F.M.S., General Renato Genovese , has participated in Avellanes (Spain) in the 15th Memorial and 13th Day of Brotherhood Italian/Spanish, organized by the Spanish Association of Veterans Soldiers of Mountain


The 31st IFMS congress in Innsbruck 07-11 september 2016

From 7 to 11 September I had the good fortune to be in Innsbruck for the 31st Congress of the IFMS and I did not know what to expect as the only Mountain Soldiers I had met beforehand were the Italian Alpini with whom I have had close ties for several years. From the beginning I had been impressed by them and I agree with General Frido von Senger und Etterlin, Commander of the XIV Panzer Corps in World War II, who described them as follows “In Piedmont there were also many alpine units, the best that the Italian Army could produce---proud, quiet, outwardly not very disciplined troops, but reliable types, brought up the hard way, accustomed to camping in the eternal snows with only the barest supplies. They were magnificent soldiers, to whose pride and modesty I paid tribute whenever I happened to encounter an Alpino”. more...

Annual I.F.M.S. prize

This year once again, as the custom was born in 1997, the Alpines’ group of Azzano San Paolo (BG) awarded the I.F.M.S. prize. Before describing what happened on this day, we are briefly going to illustrate what the I.F.M.S. prize is, organized by this meritorious group of alpine section of Bergamo. more...

GS wishes for a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

dear Colleagues,

the important occasion of the holiday season gives me the opportunity to send an affectionate greeting to all the IFMS family.
The federation that I am privileged to lead as Secretary General will live on thanks to those who have worked hard for the success of all our event.
Our nations are living moments of great difficulty and social discouragement; and it is necessary to maintain our identity in all its expressions, more...






Alpiniadi 2016

ANA near Bormio organized second Alpiniadi 2016 where more than 1600 members participated.  As first time (in 2012) also this event had international spirit of IFMS due Slovenian team participation. more...





The 30th Congress of the IFMS

Between 1 and 3 October, Budva, Montenegro was the venue the 30th Congress of the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers (IFMS).


Congress participants visited the historical town of Cetinje and visited the mountain unit of the Military of Montenegro under Mount Lovćen. Unit members presented to the visitors their weapons and equipment. On this occasion, Montenegrin troops and congress participants received a visit of Montenegrin Chief of the General Staff Admiral Dragan Samardžić.

The General Assembly as the main event of the congress defined the Strategic plan 2016-20121 as the basis for the work of the IFMS in the upcoming medium-term period.

After two three-year tenures defined by the IFMS statute, Brigadier General Bojan Pograjc handed over the duties of IFMS Secretary General to Italian Brigadier General (Ret.) Renato Genovese.


24 May is a day of us, mountain soldiers

Let us celebrate it with mountain soldiers’ pride, always remembering our founding fathers.


On picture: Jean Minster, Karl Preuner, M. N. MacKenzie, Dr. Leonardo Caprioli, Werner Daumiller (Mittenwald (Germany), 24 May 1985)


Sincere congratulations!


BG Bojan Pograjc