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Commander of Alpine Troops of the Italian Army visits CLEVER FERRET 2014

Commander of Alpine Troops of the Italian Army Lieutenant General Alberto Primicerj visited the exercise CLEVER FERRET 2014 which took place in Slovenia on 4 July.


During his visit he met with SG. BG Bojan Pograjc informed him about the IFMS current activities and plans for 2015.







SG visits A.N.A HQ in Milan

Secretary-General of the IFMS BG Bojan Pograjc visited A.N.A. Headquarters in Milan together with the president of the Slovenian Association of Mountain Soldiers (ZGVS) COL (ret.) Fedja Vraničar on Friday 20 June to the invitation of the President of A.N.A..

They discussed the contribution of “Alpini” to the development of the IFMS so far and in the future.






»Hohen Brendten 2014« Commemoration

On the 25 May 2014, a traditional ceremony was held at the German memorial in the Hohen Brendten near Mittenwald, Germany to commemorate the fallen mountain soldiers. Among guests were members of the delegations from Austria, Italy and Slovenia and IFMS Secretary General, BG Bojan Pograjc.

Der Krieg wird niemals zu Ende sein,
Solange noch eine Wunde bleibt,
Die er geschlagen hat.

Heinrich Böll




Alpiniadi Estive 2014, the mountain games of Associazione Nazionale Alpini

From  5th to 8th  June, the 1st  Summer “Alpiniadi” ,organized by A.N.A. , took place in Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cuneo).

The games included  mountain running,   mountain running relay,  regularity mountain walking for patrols ,  duathlon (running and cycling)  and soccer. The entrants  totalled  around 1200.

Active duty personnel of the Alpini took part to the games and the ceremonies, this emphasized the good relations between A.N.A. and  the Alpini on duty.

Everything turned out for the better with great satisfaction  for athletes, public and organizers.




New President of the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division

The new President of the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division is Major General Galen B. Jackman.










Military mountaineers of all ranks, active-component, reserve-component or retired members, veterans and our supporters,

24 May is our day. As usually, let us celebrate it together in a working and joyful spirit. However, let us not forget our colleagues on peace missions throughout the world. Let us do a mountain trip or a late-spring off-piste descent on their behalf with our family members, friends or acquaintances.

Brigadier General Bojan Pograjc
IFMS Secretary General
Asistant to Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces




56th International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2014

The International Military Pilgrimage began in 1958 and has been continuing since. This year again, between 16 and 18 May 2014 military mountaineers of IFMS countries went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes as part of their national military delegations or as individuals. In addition to social activities and prayers, the participants enjoyed the performances of military mountaineer bands from France and Poland.





87a Adunata Nazionale Alpini

Traditionally, between, 9 and 11 May 2014 we have been gathered in Pordenone (Italy) by the Associazione Nazionale Alpini (A.N.A.) as a big family of national organizations joint within the IFMS. We extend our special appreciation to Italian colleagues from the section of Bergamo and IFMS A.N.A. Commission for the excellent exhibition on the history of IFMS.






New President of the A.E.S.V.M. Spain

Since the 16th of May, the new President of the A.E.S.V.M. is Vicente Valdivielso.









Internationale Divisionsskimeisterschaften 2014

In response to the kind invitation of »Kameradenkreis der Gebirgstruppe e.V.«, IFMS Secretary General Brigadier General Bojan Pograjc attended the »Internationale Divisions-Skimeisterschaften (IDSM 2014) « organised by »10. Panzerdivision« of the German Army in Bad Reichenhall and Ruhlpolding (Ciemgau-Arena) between 12 and 14 March.

It is worth mentioning that the event was sponsored by a multiple Olympic luge gold medallist Georg Hackl, also a military. In line with the tradition, Brigadier General Pograjc, in addition to engaging in fruitful meetings with competition organisers and representatives of the German organisation of military mountaineers, presented the winning Swiss military ski patrol team with an IFMS cup.

New Leadership of the Slovenian National Organization of Mountain Soldiers

On Saturday, 18 January 2014, the Slovenian National Organization of Mountain Soldiers elected new leadership. The former President of the organization, Brigadier General (ret.) Janez Kavar, who concluded his second and last mandate under statute, was replaced by Colonel (ret.) Fedja Vraničar.

Brigadier General (ret.) Kavar will be remembered for his exceptional work enthusiasm and efforts reaching beyond the activities of the Slovenian National Organization. In addition to paving the way for excellent bilateral cooperation with A.N.A., members of the National Organization of the US 10th Mountain Division and mountain soldiers of the newly acceded member Montenegro, he ennobled the activity of IFMS itself on a number of occasions as a man of ideas and action in particular.

Colonel (ret.) Vraničar is a polyglot, an active participant of IFMS events in the recent years and well-known among Slovenian mountain soldiers as the first commander of the 1st Mountain Battalion that was established upon Slovenia's declaration of independence in 1991.

It should also be mentioned that the Slovenian National Organization appointed Lieutenant Colonel Anže Rode, the present commander of the 132nd Mountain Regiment of the Slovenian Armed Forces, its Vice President, which will undoubtedly strengthen the excellent relations already existing between the Slovenian National Organization of Mountain Soldiers and the active duty personnel of the Slovenian Armed Forces. This could certainly be taken as an example worth following by other national organizations of mountain soldiers.