International Federation of Mountain Soldiers at Alpini’s meeting for centenary celebration

It is not easy to explain the emotions that an “adunata”, a traditional annual alpine meeting, can stir up for those who attend, who work or who simply attend it.

Perhaps because nowadays some way of thinking, some words, some assertions seem ancient, old-fashioned, distant. Supporting with strength the attachment to the Flag, to the country, to fellow countrymen, all this seems timeless.

On the contrary they are sound convictions according to Italian alpines, not for the nostalgia due to age but because of the conviction that a solid house rests on a sturdy foundation. more and photos...

2nd Mountain warfare congress - 9/12 april 2019

NATO MW COE will organize the 2nd annual MW Congress in April 2019.

The topic of this year's MW Congress is »Risk Management«.

Please find more details attached in the Invitation letter and additional info package.

Book your time to attend the congress today!


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National reunion/national board - invites you and your family to the 10th Mountain Division

The Fort Drum Chapter of the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division invites you and your family to the 10th Mountain Division National Reunion/ National Board meeting at Watertown/ Fort Drum, NY, home of the modern 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry). Come join us for a visit to the beautiful North Country to celebrate your role in the history of the 10th Mountain Division.

This is a great opportunity for members of the past and present 10th Mountain Division, descendants and families to make new friends and reacquaint with old comrades. We promise you a time that you will not forget!


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Colonel Robert Klinar — New Chairman of the NATO MW COE Steering Committee

The 5th NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW COE,, Steering Committee (SC) Meeting was convened in Poljče, Slovenia, in November 2018.

Official delegates from Croatia, Germany, Italy, Romania and Slovenia as Sponsoring Nations (SN) and Austria as a Contributing Partner (CP) participated at the Meeting. Representatives of Montenegro and the USA attended as Observers. more...


NEW Blizzard issue

The new issue of Blizzard is out!

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IFMS XXXIII Verona congress

In the enchanting thousand year old city of Verona, built in a bend of the river Adige, known to be the place of Romeo and Juliet and for the Roman historical amphitheater, rich in architecture, recognized to be a UNESCO heritage, as "William Shakaspare" said : “…there is no world outside the walls of Verona”.

Upon request both of Secretary General of the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers Brig Gen. Renato Genovese and Mario Rumo, President of the IFMS Commission ANA, they proposed to the President of the ANA Section of Verona, Luciano Bertagnoli and to his Council, the availability for the organization of the 33rd Congress of the Federation in the city of Verona, a proposal immediately accepted with enthusiasm by the Verona Section which, in a short time, managed to organize a large program for the meeting, mastering moments of congress work and finding time to introduce the image of the city and the province of Verona, an image widely shared by the participants, both for the historical and iconographic documents presented, such as the visit to the “Caserma Duca” barracks headquarters of the 4th Ranger, the Deposition in Piazza Bra of the crown at the Plate of the 6th Alpini. Furthermore, involving and demonstrating the potential of the Alpine groups Colognola Ai Colli, Malcesine, Chievo, Peschiera Del Garda and S. Massimo, which enthusiastically demonstrated their “alpine” essence hosted in their group locations, with an addictive enthusiasm shared by all participants. more...


IFMS a generous memory

In 2010, commemorating the first centenary of the Monastery of Santa Maria of Bellpuig of Las Avellanes, there is a mausoleum that honors all the soldiers of both sides who died during the civil war, when, at that time, at the monastery's dependence there was a military hospital on the Segre river front.

The mausoleum was recently renovated, a deep crack was created on the new wall, representing the fighters who had fratricidal fights 74 years earlier. more...

The 91st National Meeting of the Alpine in Trento, Italy.

On the centenary of the end of WW1, the Alpine festival culminated with the traditional parade and on this occasion the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, attended the event.

Welcomed by the President of Alpine National Associaton, Mr. Sebastiano Favero, President Mattarella followed the first part of the parade from the stage of the authorities. Next to him there were the Italian Senate President, Sen. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, the Italian Ministry of Defense, Sen. Roberta Pinotti, the Chief of Defense Gen. Claudio Graziano, the Army Chief-of-Staff Gen. Salvatore Farina and the authorities of the territory, including the President of the Province Ugo Rossi and the Mayor of Trento Alessandro Andreatta. more...



IFMS photo exhibition in Trento

This exhibit is set up every year during the A.N.A. national gathering and, if requested, it publishes the history of the Federation since its foundation, in 1985, in Mittenwald. Unique and independent party federation, internationally recognized, which groups mountain soldiers on leave and / or in activities of 11 Nations, the IFMS has the aim of contributing collectively to the maintenance of peace and the protection of the human rights, to honor the memory of the fallen on the mountains for their homeland. more...


IFMS Prize 2018 - Alpini Group of Azzano San Paolo

On 7th April the IFMS Prize 2018 was awarded to the 4th year students of the primary school San Zenone degli Ezzellini (TV), for the Edolo/Liedolo project “100 years from WW1”. Surely these students will be happy to know that their winning work gave the starting idea for a similar proposal at national ANA level. more...

Mountain Warfare COE NATO 12 - 15 june 2018 Slovenia

The NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence will conduct the first Mountain Warfare Congress at the NATO MW COE Poljce 27, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia. more...

Gallery The 91st National Meeting of the ANA

Gallery IFMS prize 2018